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Business psychology consulting

Strategy & Management consulting

A good strategy forms the basis of successful enterprises. A good strategy depends on the corporate culture, the management team and the situation in which a company finds itself. All three aspects must be brought into harmony. Strategies are relevant at all levels, so it does not always have to be the overarching corporate strategy. Each organizational unit benefits from a strategic approach as well as concrete planning that provides all employees with tangible goals and guidelines for orientation.

Proactive, sound and scientific

Strategies are successful when they are developed proactively, not when it is too late and the room for maneuver is limited.

Our team has profound experience in the development and implementation of strategies. Through a structured approach and a variety of methodological tools, we support you in your strategy development and implementation. Especially the aspect of implementation is crucial for us. This is why we always take into account the challenge of change and how strategies can be successfully implemented nonetheless.

01 Succession plan

Accompaniment and development of the management during the change of generations

02 Organizational design

Entwicklung und Transformation von Organisationsmodellen, Strukturen und Prozessen

03 Organizational Development

Proactive support in the development of organizational strategies, culture, & climate.

03 Task Force Management
Management and support in critical decision-making situations & interim management
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