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Data Science

Data management

In order to support decisions, monitor changes or verify ideas with regard to their realization, data is needed in a modern corporate environment. However, if data is unstructured, or not collected systematically, it is almost indistinguishable from information. Data management is the necessary process to generate helpful answers from data.

Data is a development driver for organizations

It is not enough to simply collect large amounts of data, as it is often understood in the field of Big Data. The right questions must be asked even before the data is collected. In this way, data can be carefully collected and selected to provide answers to the right questions. A central aspect is the maintenance of the existing data, the selection of the data form and a structured analysis of how it can be further processed. Most of the time there is not a lack of data, there is a lack of understanding how to deal with this data. It is usually easier to acquire and add new data than to apply it in a meaningful way.

01 Data processing

We help to prepare existing or new data sets for analyses

02 Data strategy

We develop strategies for the collection, management and analysis of data

03 Data requirements

Which questions should and can be asked, to which existing or new data provide an answer? We work out the data requirements in your organization with you

04 Data competence

The competent handling of data (data literacy) must be trained. We give workshops and impulses on the opportunities and problems of data

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