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Business psychology consulting


Leadership concepts are more important than ever in times of change, ambiguity and uncertainty.  Developing leadership skills requires constant learning, listening and communicating. The path that a good leader has to take in order to be recognized as such is usually not easy and takes time. We use scientific methods to help you find suitable leaders and empower your existing team in the best possible way. 

Appropriate leadership for person and situation

quantics plus has been active in the research and development of leadership styles and leaders for years. We support companies in developing and building the right leadership team for their set goals. Are the right people already on board? Do they have the required skills for their tasks? What happens when the situation and environment of the company changes? We help not only to ask this question, but also to find data-driven answers.

01 Diagnostic

Selection and development of executives by means of psychological testing, measuring and training methods

02 Training

Impulses, workshops and trainings for executives (individual or in groups)

03 Leadership development

Development of situation-specific leadership styles for companies, teams or groups

04 Talent Development

Systematic promotion of junior executives and elaboration of development paths

Knowledge in Organizations | Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt

Lecture of our partner Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt at the Long Night of Research 2020 on the topic of knowledge in organizations and the intentional withholding of knowledge by managers (GER)

Knowledge Hiding am Arbeitsplatz (SZ-Artikel)

Knowledge Hiding in der Praxis: Eine Bestandsaufnahme in deutschen Unternehmen
Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt

Why knowledge is retained in organizations 
Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt

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