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quantics plus consulting

That's us.

We are consultants, lecturers and researchers who combine both practice and science creatively and with zeitgeist. Our team has many years of experience in research and teaching, while we have been always active in business world. In this way, we provide scientific insights and impulses to practice that are usually ahead of the status quo. We provide you with practical, implementable and well-founded consulting. Our consultants have the necessary flexibility and experience to realize holistic projects together with you. If you would like to share current problems and challenges, feel free to contact us - we're passionate about it!

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Corporate mission
Science accompanies us, we accompany you!

Our management team

Our managing partners stand for creativity, new ideas and practical focus. We are convinced that modern and well-founded ideas are needed in entrepreneurial practice in order to be successful in the long term. Thus, we cultivate a corporate culture that enables everyone to contribute ideas and impulses, to learn from each other and to create opportunities. We are characterized by an open and creative exchange. In joint projects, your company becomes part of this identity, which is why we also represent these values in your company. We believe in your potential and look forward to assisting you with sound and empowering expertise. 

Experte für: Datenanalyse, Datenmanagement, Künstliche Intelligenz, Antifragilität, Diversität und Stereotype, Entscheidungsverhalten...

Thomas Steiner

Founder/Managing partner

Thomas Steiner is a renowned lecturer and consultant in the fields of methods, statistics and data analysis. He is working on the antifragility of organizations and strategic decision-making behavior. As an experienced football coach he brings the ability to inspire and empower people even in difficult situations. 

Rost, M; Steiner, T. (2016). Talentmanagement im Direktvertrieb: Kompetenzen durch Verunsicherung entwickeln. Frankfurter Allgemeine Personaljournal. 10. S. 13-14.

Hager, C. & Steiner, T. (2021, 1. März). Experience Management erfordert Paradigmenwechsel. E-3 Magazin.

Experte für: Strategie- und Management, Führung, Diversität, Knowledge-Hiding, Wissensmanagement...

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt

Founder/Managing partner

Dr. Florian Offergelt besitzt über 10 Jahre Erfahrung in der Strategie- und Managementberatung und ist prämierter Forscher und Dozent im Bereich der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie. Zu seinen praktischen wie wissenschaftlichen Fachgebieten gehören unter anderem die Themen Führung, Wissensmanagement und Diversität.  

Anand, A., Offergelt, F. and Anand, P. (2021). Knowledge hiding – A systematic review and research agenda. Journal of Knowledge Management, Advanced online publication.

Offergelt, F., Luibl, S., Novy, C. (2021). Knowledge Hiding in der Praxis: Eine Bestandsaufnahme in deutschen Unternehmen.
PersonalQuarterly, 3.
Offergelt, F., Spörrle, M., & Moser, K. (2020). Warum Wissen in Organisationen zurückgehalten wird. Psychologische Rundschau, 71(2), 143–146. doi: https://doi/10.1026/0033-3042/a000475
Offergelt, F., Spörrle, M., Moser, K. & Shaw, J. D. (2019). Leader-signaled knowledge hiding: Effects on employees‘ job attitudes and empowerment. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40(7), 819–833. doi:
Koob, C., Schmutte, A. M., Petit, S., Susemihl, I., & Offergelt, F. (2016). Die wahren Erfolgsfaktoren einer marktorientierten Unternehmensführung. Forschungsreihe der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Marketing, (5).

Koob, C., Schmutte, A. M., Petit, S., Susemihl, I., & Offergelt, F. (2015). Die vier großen Missverständnisse des Marketing. Absatzwirtschaft, 12(6), 72–74.

Schmutte, A. M., Haas, C., Sonderhauser, C., Offergelt, F. (2012). Die Mächtigste Stelle im Unternehmen. Harvard Business Manager, (10), 8–11.

Demografieberatung: Nachfolgemanagement durch generationenübergreifenden Wissenstransfer

#FidARonWebinar​: Fakten die für Gender-Diversity sprechen

Lange Nacht der Forschung 2020: Wissen in Organisationen

Experte für: Kreativität & Innovation, Persönlichkeitspsychologie, Künstliche Intelligenz, Marktforschung und Data Science

Sebastian Hofreiter

Founder/Managing partner

Sebastian Hofreiter verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung im Management von Kreativität und Innovation sowie in der interkulturellen Zusammenarbeit zwischen Deutschland und China. Als Forscher und Dozent beschäftigt er sich mit der Psychologie von Kreativität & Innovation, Persönlichkeitspsychologie sowie der Erforschung von psychologischer Determinanten zur Akzeptanz von Künstlicher Intelligenz. 

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Our team + Network

quantics plus cultivates an open, diverse and interdisciplinary corporate culture; this is also how we shape our team. Our team is composed of experienced experts and university graduates with both practical and scientific knowledge. We work together with our network of organizations, enthusiastic individuals and universities on your projects. quantics plus and our environment is creative, open and curious, in order to meet the challenges of entrepreneurial practice together with you. quantics plus is also an attractive and modern employer for young consultants. We are always happy to receive inquiries to expand our team and network.

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