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Business psychology consulting

Diversity + Divergence

Diversity means variety. In the corporate context, this means taking into account and integrating a broad spectrum of experiences, perspectives and knowledge in the organization. This also applies to (socio-)demographic characteristics, because diversity is more than just gender. The concept of diversity also includes ethnicities, age or origin.

Science clearly shows that companies benefit from diversity. However, more and more does not mean better and better. Diversity must be balanced and managed otherwise performance, creativity and resiliance can suffer.

Psychological insights for more diversity

Our consultants know the barriers to diversity in practice. With our practical and scientific knowledge, we provide sound advice on diversity to initiate sustainable and structural change. Diversity is not just a "trend", the success of diversity is also reflected in business metrics.

01 Diversity & Leadership

Implementation of diversity in the organization and leadership behavior

02 Bias Training

Workshops and impulses on the topic of cognitive biases and their impact on diversity.

03 Equality of Opportunity

Promoting equal opportunities through diversity strategies, digitization and data science

04 Development

Promoting diversity in the organization and its processes

Facts that speak for Gender Diversity | Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt

Presentation of our partner Ass. Prof. Dr. Florian Offergelt on the topic "Facts speak for gender diversity" in the webinar series FidAR (Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V.) (GER)

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