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Business psychology consulting

Experience management

People do not make their decisions solely on the basis of price or the
rational better choice. They are emotional - what counts is the experience that a
brand, a product or a company brings with it. This world of experiences
in the age of the Internet, constant change, new technologies,
and social change must be provided by companies. Experience management thus helps to addresse people and their psychological mechanisms and needs.
Management adressiert daher den Menschen und seine psychologischen Mechanismen und Bedürfnisse.

Challenges arise above all in the design of interactions between customers, employees, managers and companies. In order to enable developments and decisions, a meaningful data basis is required. For this purpose, data on the operational business (O-data) that has been common up to now must be expanded to include experience data (X-data) from precisely these groups of people.  Based on this understanding of human experience and behavior, experience management makes it possible to actively shape and improve interactions in this respect. 

Experiences determine our behavior

Our process includes a holistic analysis of the company situation. This involves structuring and categorizing interactions as well as analyzing operational company and experience data in order to ultimately derive measures and their implementation to improve the experience.

Our scientifically based consulting approach includes the collection and evaluation of the experiences of customers (customer experience) or employees (employee experience) and their influence on specific behaviors (e.g. repurchase or job satisfaction).

01 Customer Experience

Collection and analysis of customer experiences and their impact on behaviors

02 Employee Experience

Survey and analysis of employees' experiences and their influence on behaviors

03 Touchpoint Analysis

What are relevant touchpoints? How do they need to be measured? What impact do these interactions have?

04 Data management

Combining and using experience-based data (X data) with operational data (O data).

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