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Business psychology consulting

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity and innovation are important drivers of the modern economy. Especially in times of digital transformation, in which people have to take on new (work) roles, "human" skills like creativity are more important than ever. We are not all equally creative, but we can be specifically educated and trained for creative tasks.

Being creative is a competitive advantage

Ideas don't always come out of nowhere. They can be specifically anticipated. With our psychological knowledge, we help you to make idea generation and implementation successful and results-oriented. We accompany the management of innovations from idea generation to market maturity.

01 Creativity training

Workshops, lectures and trainings on creativity and innovation processes

02 Innovation management

Design and development of organizational structures for the implementation of ideas

03 Idea promotion

Companies need ideas to remain competitive. We encourage this process and challenge your ideas

04 Diagnostic

Selection and development of organizational members and units regarding creativity and innovation

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