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Business psychology consulting

Human-Machine Interaction

With increasing technologization, there are more and more touch points between people and machines. In particular, the rapid development of computers, software programs and artificial intelligence are causing people to already share work content and tasks with machines. This circumstance demands a mindset shift and a more active approach to new work design.  It is not enough to introduce new technologies, they must also be adapted and optimized to ensure profitable human-machine interaction.

Acceptance & use of computers can be anticipated

Our consultants not only deal with the acceptance of technology in scientific practice, but also actively shape "New Work" in various practical projects, in which computers successfully work closely together with people. Our psychological expertise helps to make the implementation "human" and to generate the greatest possible acceptance among employees. 

01 Technology acceptance

Identification and design of factors and conditions for promoting acceptance

02 Design & Usability

Consulting and creation of product and interaction design for optimal user-friendliness

03 Implementation

Accompany holistic implementation processes from analysis and design, to operational realization and evaluation of technology

04 Decision making

Potential analysis and realization of computer-aided decision support, e.g. for recruiting processes or management decisions 

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