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Antifragility refers to the ability not only to survive crises, but also to profit from such disturbances. Antifragility encompasses the qualities of an organization to use these crises and fluctuations for its own development. An antifragile organization thus goes beyond resilience. 

Emerge stronger from crises - be antifragile

From a business perspective, antifragile organizations have advantages over other non-antifragile market participants. Organizations of this type are able to profit from strong fluctuations and disruptions, whereas others only manage to maintain the status quo (robust) or collapse (fragile). In the modern corporate world, the characteristic of an organization to be antifragile is a future-oriented response to challenges that are already partly present. 

01 Modern organization

Workshops, lectures and consulting on antifragile organization

02 Organizational Diagnosis

Feststellung der aktuellen organisationalen Antifragilität und wichtiger Einflussfaktoren

03 Measures

Development of a catalog of measures towards an antifragile organization

04 Antifragility

Active design of the orgnisation and its structures in order to remain antifragile

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